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Accessing URL and Credentials from confi File/Text file

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Can you please let me know how can I read URL and Port parameters from a text file and use them in my script in Neoload. I know how to read the data from xls sheet in neoload to parametarize.

I need to read all the server details from config file. I don't want to change the details from neoload server details section

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The URL that you can see in your script is built with the server information available on the server definition.

If you would like to use a CSV file to fill the hostname and the port you have to use a NeoLoad variable of type CSV in the server definition. Then depending on your variable change policy you can decide which server definition you would like to use for each virtual user.

If you would like to also change the path of your URL's, you can replace the current path on your requests by a NeoLoad variable too.

One more information: dynamic name for container does not work. It only works for URL's path and server name. So it's not possible to use a variable in container like you can do for URL's.