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How to configure an oracle db monitor?

I have successfully configured monitors for monitoring windows/iis but I would like to monitor the oracle db as well.

I've been having problems getting the connection check to succeed. It comes back with connection failed: java.sql.SQLR|ecoverableException IO Error: The network adapter could not establish the connection.

Can you confirm what details are required. I am attempting to connect using the classic mode

Under Oracle Db Monitor Configuration I am entering
Name oracledbMonitor (I'm assuming this is just a name you see in the list of monitors
hostname (name of the server where my application being load testsed is running)
Database - the database name

Login: I assume this is the schema name
Password schema password.

I guess I want to check that the username and password are those relating to the db and not my windows credentials.

Should the hostname be the physical server where the db resides or is it sufficient to have e.g a webserver hostname where that webserver has oracle client installed and the relevant TNS NAMES/ LDAP.

Any ideas how to diagnose if this is a firewall issue?

Stefan O.
Stefan O.

Stefan O.

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You should check the NeoLoad log files to get some details about the error you got. You can access them through the menu "Help-->Open logs folder..."

You do not need your Windows credential but the Oracle credentials to connect to your DB and the hostname is not your Webserver hostname but the Oracle server.

So as hostname you have to use the Oracle hostname or IP address. Then depending on your Oracle version and how it is configured you may have to use the Database SID or the Service Name.

You should check with your Oracle administrator to get the correct information.

In NeoLoad monitor panel, you can switch to advanced mode and if you use SID then use that URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@<host>:<port>:<SID>

If it's a Service Name then use that URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//<host>:<port>/<service_name>

The default value for the  <port> is 1521 but it may be different in your case.


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Muhammad I.

Muhammad I.

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Thanks Nouredine for perfect answer becuase it helped me :)
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