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I need to handle dynamic parameters from Sharepoint application

I have successfully recorded my script but i'm at the point where i need to handle lot's of dynamic parameters. I'm pretty sure that someone else had the same needs so is there any frameworks parameters available for Sharepoint that i could try?


Sharepoint application can generate lot's of dynamics parameters. Even if some of them are dependent of your business transaction, you could try the one in attachement of this POST.

You can follow the procedure below to load and use it:

  1. In NeoLoad, go to menu "Edit-->Preferences-->General settings tab-->Frameworks" and click on the import button.
  2. Load the XML file in attachement (change the file extension from pdf to xml)
  3. When it's done, go back on the design section and right mouse click on your virtual user profile, then run "Look for dynamic parameters...".
  4. Disable the second option "Search for generic dynamic parameters" and click on the "Next" button.


If that frameworks works for you, please add a comment with your Sharepoint version and do not hesitate to upload a new one if you improved it so it can help the community.

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