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Why my automatically handled ViewState parameter failing?

Hi! I'm new to neoload testing but I did my research in the dynamic parameters tutorial. Sorry if I missed an answer to this question. I'm testing jsf application that uses oracle adf-faces.
After I recorded the script for the application I'm testing (home page->log in->log out), post-recording wizard found javax.faces.ViewState dynamic parameter and I let it be automatically handled. However, when I re-run the script I get the following assertion failure in one of the login pages: Variable 'javax_faces_ViewState' extraction failed. No match found for expression: '\sname\s*?=\s*?"javax\.faces\.ViewState"[^^]*?\svalue\s*?=\s*?"(.*?)"[^^]*?>'. Is there something I need to change manually for it to work? Do I maybe need to re-write regular expression for this parameter (i'm using neoload 5.0 and oracle 12c)?

When I look at this request in design, there's no javax.faces.ViewState parameter at all (however, there's one in the next request) but I see _afrLoop parameter that was not detected by post-recording script and not replaced with a variable. Is it okay?
Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need any more details (please see screenshots of the request with assertion failure and the next page that gives me 500 error and has javax.faces.ViewState parameter)

Lindsay Z.
Lindsay Z.

Lindsay Z.

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I think that the VIEWSTATE issue is a consequence of the _afrLoop parameter that is dynamic.

Normally the ADF framework should handle such parameter but maybe the way to extract is not the common way and so NeoLoad was not able to handle it.

Could you try to manually correlate it? That means copy that value, use the flag request feature to search that value on the server responses and if it is found create your variable extract on the flagged request.

When it's done try again to run a user validation and see if it works better.


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