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creating variable host

I want to create a variable hostname.

I have two sites (http://www.site1.com) (http://www.site2.com) and I recorded a virtual user profile against site1. This has shared containers which has the site1 URL's in them.

I copied the first sites virtual user profile to create site2 and created a new server for it and changed the hostname to be http://www.site2.com

However, when I change the site2 virtual user nodes it also changes the shared containers url's as well. is there a way to have to share the containers?

Umesh K.
Umesh K.

Umesh K.

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The very nature of a Shared resource is that you can make one change and it will effect all scripts using it. This is not what your intended desire is fundamentally. You need to have two similar but independent sets of transactions.

One way to achieve what you want is to instead COPY the container with the transactions you want to have available for the other script. Make the changes globally for that script, but this way they will be independent instead of Shared.

The only way possibly to make the change you want would be to replace the hostname change with a variable instead, and then in a Javascript, set the value of the hostname in it in the beginning of the script. THat way you have a Shared Container that gets the hostnames used in it from a variable that is set independently for each script.

Let us know if one of these solutions help.