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How can we define a UUID random variable in a .yaml?

we have created a yaml file to override some parameters from the project but when it comes to the variables you can only create variables: constant, file, random and counter. So How do you do it when you have to generate different UUIDs?

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Since you override some variables i guess you are using a NeoLoad project right? But then what do you want to override? There's a difference between creating a variable in the yaml file and override them.

As you stated inside the yaml file you can only create 4 different variable types. If your goal is to use a random UUID variable you can create that variable in your project and use it if needed in your yaml file.

But if your goal is to only use a yaml file (without any NeoLoad project created beforehand) maybe you could add a Javascript action in your yaml (available since 6.10) and use a function to generate that random UUID. You can find such function if you google it.


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