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Why setting SLA profile for Average Request per Second automatically sets SLA for Average pages/s in results file?

I have scenario (in that scenario I send REST requests) for which I applied SLA profile “reqpersec”. That SLA profile configuration specifies that if value of Average Requests per Second is less than 300.0, than status of that scenario should be “failed”.

What happens is, when that test is finished, it shows in Statistic summary that status of Average Requests per Second is “passed” which is ok, but status of Average pages/s is “failed”, although I didn’t set any SLA for that statistics value.I attached few pictures to illustrate situation.
It is important because complete test is shown as “failed” in jenkins, although it actually passed.

Vladana S.
Vladana S.

Vladana S.

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It seems to be a bug. That average page/s seems to be set when you enable SLA on request/s at the scenario level which should not be the case.

I'll raise a bug so it can be fixed.