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How to get Average attribute from stored data entries?

I am using "Store External Data Entry" in my test design as described here: https://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/neoload/latest/en/ht...

I have a couple of questions:
1. What does state parameter in this action do? It says you can set to PASS or FAIL. I explicitly set it to FAIL but I didn't see anything interesting the result graph. What does this value do and how it could it be used?
2. I see "Avg" value for each graph I create using this action. Is there a way to fetch this average in my actions or end container via some API so that I can use it to pass or fail my test.

My use case:
I am using "Store External Data Entry" action to push metrics to runtime and results after fetching the metrics from my application. I'd like to evaluate the metrics at the end/during of the test by either reading the average of all the data points (as shown in the table for each graph) and then write an SLA (or something similar) that could define the criteria for my test pass or fail.

For example:
I am storing a metric name "jvm.memory.used" using Store External Data Entry action. I see in the results that neoload automatically calculates the average of all datapoints for this metric. I'd like to read that average that neoload calculates in my test and use it to determine the status of the test. Something like if the average of jvm.memory.used > 50% then set the test status to FAIL.

Also, if there is a way to do the above with individual data points as opposed to the average then please let me know that too.

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