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Help understanding the SLA in graph


I've setup an SLA and applied it to my scenario. When I look at the bottom of the 'Scenario' link in the results, I can see the SLA that I had defined.

However, when I click on the 'Transactions' link, I see the 'SLA Profile' set to a value of '-'.

How can I see the pass/fail for each transaction? I would have thought it would appear in place of the '-'.


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When you create a SLA profile in the wizard you need to select on which elements you apply it.

If you are looking for SLA on transactions then when you have created your profile have you selected a statictics like "Transactions average response time" or "Percentile Transaction response time" and then applied it to your transactions?

In other words when you click on the "Scenario" link in your test result you have at the end your SLA's that were defined. Do you have Transactions satistics defined like in the screen shot attached?


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