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How does Percentile Container Response Time(Sec) works ?


In Neoload there is an option called "Percentile Container Response Time(Sec) "under SLA profile . The following SLA profile are defined for 2 containers and SLA profile description is as below and it is given for "Per run".

"When Percentile Container Response Time is greater than 12.0 sec., the Percentile Container Response Time severity is failed."

And the response time for those containers are less than 12 secs. But still it showing as Severity under SLA per vu profile. Attaching Neoload SLA vu screenshot with this mail for reference.

Please find the steps below to configure the above SLA:

1 ) Selected Percentile Container Response Time(Sec) under Per Run in SLA edition wizard.
2) Right hand side following values are given.

  • Under Percentile Container Response Tim(Sec) --> Percent- 90
  • Under Trigger an alert in following conditions
  • Operator -->">="
  • Value -> "12"
  • Status --> "Failed"
  • 3)Click Next and Finish

    After making the above said changes, ran the test for 10 minutes and filtered the results for 8 mts, am able to see both the containers response time are in Red.

    Need to understand how does the Percentile Container Response Time works. It will take Avg-90% into consideration or 90%ile to determine the container Percentile response time.

    Note: To confirm this, i created a SLA profile with average container response time where it is working as expected.

    Please let me know if you need any details.

Ethal V.
Ethal V.

Ethal V.

59 / 100


Nouredine A.
Nouredine A.

Nouredine A.

5000 / 5000

When you configure a 90% for your percentile container response time entry in the SLA, NeoLoad will check the percentage of  your values that met the condition you setup. If the condition is met by at least 90% of the values, you will get a sun otherwise it will be a cloud.

So according to your settings, i would expect that only few of your response time met your condition.

In other words, only 3% of your values met your conidition. You can re-caculate that by exporting the raw data of your container from the Values tab. Then order the values and check the number of values that met your condition. You should get more or less the same result displayed in NeoLoad but not exactly the same due to some approximation.