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Is expected that Oracle Forms Server send different responses for a same request during Check a same Virtual User?

We are working with neoload 5.1.3 and Oracle EBS 12.2.4.
We are checking (playback) the same virtual user many times and Oracle Forms Server send different responses for a same request. We are not changing the data used by this virtual user.
Sometimes the server send a CREATE, UPDATE and DESTROY for the object in the same response.
Sometimes the server send a CREATE and UPDATE for the object in the same response.
This impacts once that we interact with this object in future requests, so, the Virtual User fails when the response contains the DESTROY.


As you may know the Oracle Forms protocol is related to graphical components. So the client and the server are exchanging some data related to graphical components like pop-up, fields, windows etc...

Having different responses from the server for the same request means that the graphical state of the application is not the same between your run. You need to check in the previous responses if that object that should be destroyed has been created beforehand or not.

And if possible you should figure out what that component is in your UI. Sometimes you have to manually connect to the application and perform the same user transactions to figure out what has changed.


In fact, the object shall not be destroyed once that we must interact with him in future requests.
Sometimes this virtual user passes and sometimes fails (check virtual user), when it fails we figured out that the oracle server response contains the DESTROY of this object.
This could be faced as a client-side problem but we are always sending the same requests.
Is there a chance to be something related to cookie/session?

Again the issue might not be on that request that got a DESTROY as response. It's probably something that happened before it.

Did you notice different behavior of the application when you are manually performing the same transactions on the application?
You may have to try multiple times like you can do with the check virtual user.

Hey Nouredine!
There isn't any different behavior or different responses in previous requests.
The VU passes using the option "Play Virtual User defined think times", when I disable this option the VU back fails.
Once that the responses are different when it passes and when it fails, I may conclude that the VU was clicking in the object before it was presented in the screen. I inserted a validation before this request and now I'm not facing the handlerid not found problem.
Thanks for the tips.