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ErrorMessageBundle_fr_FR.class was not found

I'm doing an evaluation. I have recorded a steps but i have this error (ErrorMessageBundle_fr_FR.class was not found) and other errors related to (/ ) was not resolve this plz.

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Those 404 errors probably already occurred during the recording. To confirm you can compare the server response from the user validation and the recording. If it's the case you can configure NeoLoad to ignore such errors.

To do so go the menu "Edit-->Preferences-->Project settings tab-->Runtime parameters. Then enable the option "Do not mark the specified....". 404 HTTP code is by default in the list but you can add for example 403,401 if needed.

Run again you check virtual user and those errors will not be raised anymore. But still it seems that you have errors later on Oracle Forms requests. This could be due to dynamic parameters that need to be handled.


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