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'Follow the redirect of the previous request'.

What is the implication of changing it to ''Use a manual definition". Why does tool provide 2 options as handle redirection automatically or manual in advanced options.

Reason for asking : my load test is passing with 500 concur users when i redirect manually. but, fails during automated redirection.

Expectation: why should we allow user to change the recorded behavior which is actual behavior of application. Tweaking the script is changing the actual workflow how the web page is designed.

Narayana K.
Narayana K.

Narayana K.

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You do not have to change the default settings of your script. If you request was configured to follow the redirect of a previous response and it fails during your load testing then it means that your server did not send the expect response i.e it's not a redirection.

In that case you should check why the server did not send a redirection. It can be a login that failed or anything else that went wrong during the virtual user journey. It's not a NeoLoad issue.

The "automatic redirection" needs to be used when there are a dynamic number of redirections. If it's not the case you do not need to use that option.

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