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How do I secure/ encrypt test user passwords?

I have a .csv with a list of test users and passwords, I am extracting this into a variable but ideally I want to be able to encrypt the password information to prevent people from just being able to read the information (its visible on the requests/responses. Is this possible?

Stefan O.
Stefan O.

Stefan O.

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You can't encrypt the data displayed in NeoLoad related to your passwords.

If it's visible in the request/response it's because the application is sending them as is. Even if you encrypt them in the UI, the password could be read when running the requests.

Actually there's two part in your first question. You can hide the password in the UI so nobody can see it but it does not mean that it will not be visible in the request that will be sent.

If your server expects a clear password in the request it will have to be sent in clear text.

So i guess it will not help you since anybody having access to NeoLoad will be able to see the password sent.

If you scramble the password you can't send it as is since your server will not expect it with that format right?