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I have an error when I try to get a license from my license server (NLS)

I have configured the license server to use my Activate directory server. The test of connection is working fine but when I click on the Get button I have that error: Fatal error: LDAP naming error while attempting to retrieve authorization for user [username]

The NLS server can be configured in 3 different ways for the user management.

The users can be retrieved from NLS configuration (local users), LDAP or Active directory server.

This error can occur when your NLS server is configured to connect to an Active Directory server. If the test of connection worked, that means that the user credentials has been validated.

When you click on the Get button, the NLS will connect to your AD to get the group the users belong to.

The LDAP error means that it failed. This error is generic but it often means that the username/password provided in the “security.ini” file to connect to your AD are not correct.

Below some points that could be checked:

  • Make sure that you encrypted the password with the “-a” option with password scrambler utility
  • If your password contains special characters, you should use double quote to protect it: password-scrambler.bat -a “mypassword”


For more information, see our “Security” section in the License server documentation.

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