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i have 100 users and i am passing 100 usernames and 100 passwords for login i want to know all users using all data

i am passing 100 usernames and 100 passwords for 100 users how to know that each user login with corresponding username and passwords how to know that after test execution 1st user login with 1st user credentials and 2nd user login with 2nd user login credentials 2 users can login with same username and password even though i run the execution with sequential each iteration after test execution i want to check that each user will take corresponding login credentials or not

Dileep C.
Dileep C.

Dileep C.

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Hello Dileep,

I would suggest to put the username,password in the same csv file. And you set the file variable distribution Policy to Unique.
To check what if each user is using the right line, you could use a javascript action to log that information.(Be aware of the log level in the runtime parameter configuration)

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Fousseyni B.