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Is it planned to support monitoring of http server nginx?


yesterday I was at customer's side and we talked about load and performance test and the infrastructure we have to monitor. They told me that the application is powered by http server "nginx".

The open http server becomes more and more popular. In the current statistics of Netcraft (http://news.netcraft.com/) you see the market share of nginx by 15% and trend is still raising.

Is it planned to provide a monitor for nginx?
Can I monitor the http server by workaround today?



Aurélien G.
Aurélien G.

Aurélien G.

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You right Christophe ! But the monitor NIGINX Monitor is not available yet on the monitors list so we have to use the "Apache monitor" and configure it with your url, example : http://url/nginx_status?auto

The syntax of NGINX HttpStubStatusModule is the following :
Active connections: 27
server accepts handled requests
142034 142034 197939
Reading: 0 Writing: 2 Waiting: 25
Reference : https://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_stub_status_modul...

And the apache monitor only support this syntax :
counterName: counterValue

So only the metric "Active connections" is collected (not the others), and for me it's not a out-of-the-box feature and the documentation is unclear.

Regards Aurélien.