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Is it planned to support OpenMetrics directly?

Hi Neotys Team,

in our context we are building a cloud based application with microservices. Each microservice is able to report metrics in OpenMetrics format. The data will be collected by Prometheus and the admins can see the values in dashboards powered by Grafana.

NeoLoad 7.11 supports Prometheus in a powerful manner and it works fine, if we run performance tests on system test level.

As a Quality Assurance Manager I want the teams to perform load tests for there microservices inside the Deployment Pipeline to monitor trends of the performance.

In this stage there is no Prometheus Server part of the temporary test environment but the metrics are available. So it would be helpful, if there is a possibility to add a monitor who can gather metrics in OpenMetrics format.

At the moment I implemented a Virtual User in my project to execute a request and the response will be read and metrics will be reported as External Data. Yes, it works, but it is not the best solution.


Dirk O. S.
Dirk O. S.

Dirk O. S.

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