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How to save a full http response into a variable?

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I am trying to save a response of a http call into a variable so I can manipulate it on a javascript. Is there a way to access the response from a context variable or save the response into a variable?

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Hi Christophe,

Can you please throw some light here
I am looking for some thing similar to this

I wanted to get the response time at least in to a variable ( for my later use like to show it with js logger etc )
The response which comes back from the server will not have the response time any way, so not sure how to use variable extractor and get this .
If it is response size I could extract it as it is present in the response header..

so looking for a way to fetch the response time of a single request / for the whole page ... as this is already in NeoLoads hand, i guess it should be possible for the user too to get it by java script api or some thing ... am just not aware how to do it ... thanks in advance...

Hi Christophe,

I ran in to some requirement as mentioned here in the below post

I understand there is no ready made solution to the above requiremnt
So was thinking if I can get the response time of a request in my hand, I can display it in logs or in a file or something , to get an idea of how they were differing in each iterations

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I understand.

As suggest, you can run a small test for each kind of data (it has the benefit to average different calls with the same kind of date to get a more reliable measurement), and then: you can a comparison based on two tests within NeoLoad.

With NeoLoad 6.2 and new NeoLoad Web version planned for Nov 16th, you can graph a trend for all tests for a same scenario in NeoLoad Web. It's based on global indicators for now: Avg response time for all Transactions and all requests, Transactions and Requests per second, Failures, etc... The curve has a point for each test.

All NeoLoad users have an access to NeoLoad Web Free Edition (10h of tests per month sent to NeoLoad Web). Lean how to get started here: https://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/nlweb/latest/en/html...

Thanks Christophe , it really helps :) Exploring neo load web now.

Just want to check some thing ... at the GUI tool end we can make a graph with option 'Duration(Percentiles)'...which is for each transactions and comes under 'Templates' ( similar to UserPath, Monitors etc ) attached a pic 'GUI' for more reference..

Don't we have a similar one in Neo load web ? I could see only 'User path' and 'Monitors' and not 'Templates'. attached a pic 'NeoLoad web' .

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Hi Christophe

A related question . I could see the 'Trends' in the new neoload web and I can compare different tests of of the same scenario. this is cool.

But from the scenario drop down , I can only choose a high level scenario . and my scenario will contains all init, all requests in the actions etc, it shows the avg times of all the requests in the scenario.

It would have been good if i can have an another level of choosing the request / sub section with in actions group.

In that way I have more granular level of comparing different tests and knowing the response time and other metrics which really matters to me, than knowing avg time of entire scenario there .

is it possible in trends graph ?

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