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Error Code: NL-REDIRECT-03 Message

I am getting following error while running the script
Error Code: NL-REDIRECT-03 Message: Unable to perform redirect: The previous request did not perform a redirection.

There is previous request that has HTTP/1.1 200 OK in response, is this where the problem is? What should I do to resolve this?


Karima H.
Karima H.

Karima H.

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Acutally that error is a consequence of a previous issue. The request where you got that error is configured to follow the redirection of a previous response.

The issue is that the previous response did not perform a redirection. That's why you got that error.

You need to look at the previous request and check the request parameter if any. Since you got a difference response during recording and validation that means that there's something wrong on that request or even before.