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What do I have to configure if my display is fuzzy and overlapping using Neoload on Windows 8?

I have a hi-resolution display for a new computer with hi-res monitor. Neoload looks fuzzy or too small, and sometimes text overlaps, no matter what I do. What can be done to fix the display on Windows 8 with Neoload?

When using Windows 8, and having display issues with Neoload, you can do the following to make the display better:

  • Reduce the resolution to 1920x1080 (recommended) or lower
  • Set compatibility on the Neoload executable to "Disable" display scaling on high-res monitors. Just Right-click NeoloadGUI.exe, and choose option.
  • Reduce the size of items to about half way on the display options (50%, might need to set to manual)

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