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Monitor wizard does not display step 2

I have installed NeoloadGUI on a remote server A, accessed by X remote session.

I configured a Windows monitored server with the IP of server A

Agent is detected, and green.
But when adding a monitored server based on this agent, the step2 is never displayed.
No log (even in debug)
No error message
Unclick Windows monitor and Click again on Windows monitor, then click Next.
Still nothing

Same operation done a local Neoload works well.

Export project from local Neoload to remote Neoload on server A, it works. (Agent and monitored Windows server are green). Running a test and adding graph show Windows monitors.

As I won't be able to have a direct access on metrology servers, I could not use this workaround.

Any idea ? Except modify manually XML files...

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Simon G.

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Nouredine A.
Nouredine A.

Nouredine A.

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X remote access with NeoLoad is not really supported due to some issues like that. The second panel of the wizard is aimed to displayed the help documentation.

You could follow the procedure below to automatically skip that panel. I guess it should be a suitable workaround but it will also impact any monitor created with that NeoLoad remotely or locally.

  1. Stop NeoLoad
  2. Edit <install_dir>\conf\controller.properties file
  3. Go to [Monitors] section and add in a new line: display.help.step=false
  4. Save
  5. Restart NeoLoad