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How can I record HTTPS application with NeoLoad on my iPhone?

I have a full client application and when I tried to record with NeoLoad I got some URL's recorded, but then I encountered errors in the application when switching to HTTPS. Why?

NeoLoad is able to record any HTTP/HTTPS application running on the internal iPhone browser or from any full client. When you are doing a recording, your browser/client is using the NeoLoad recorder proxy.


It is the NeoLoad certificate that is provided to the browser/client and this certificate is self-signed. That's why you may get a warning in a browser or simply an error in your application. In that case, the warning is not displayed by your client.


To avoid that warning, you can import the NeoLoad trusted root authority certificate (DO_NOT_TRUST_NeoLoadRoot.cer ) into your iPhone device. All you have to do is to get the NeoLoad certificate via e-mail, for example, and then open it up.


That will enable each certificate generated during an SSL recording to be authenticated, thus preventing the certificate error messages in the browser or errors in your full client. It can be found in the configuration sub-directory of the user profile directory.


In Windows, this configuration directory is %ApplicationData%/Neotys/NeoLoad/conf/ 


For example:


Windows Vista: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Neotys\NeoLoad\v3.2\conf\ 


For more information about HTTPS recordings, see "Recording an HTTPS Application" under "Design" section.

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