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Handling special characters

we are testing a siebel application where one of the parameters is sent like this:
<parameter name="SelectedTimeZone">(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US &amp; Canada)</parameter>

Apparently, this one fails with this message in the response - "View: &lt;?&gt; does not contain applet: &lt;?&gt;.(SBL-UIF-00401)". I think this could be due to the presence of "&amp;" in the request. I tried changing this to "\&", "&" etc, but nothing worked really. anyone has idea on how to handle such special characters in neoload?

Sankar S.
Sankar S.

Sankar S.

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&amp; is the HTML encoded value for & characters. Since it's inside an XML content, NeoLoad needs to HTML encode this type of characters. But i guess when NeoLoad sends the request to the server the value is then sent properly i.e &.

So are you sure that the issue is really because of that character?

You could try to put a proxy behind NeoLoad to confirm what NeoLoad sends.


I have the same problem.
I put a proxy behind Neoload, it sends "...portal:windowState=normal&amp;portal:cacheLevel=PAGE...".
If I remove "amp;" at the beginning of the name of each request parameters NL sends "...portal:windowState=normal&portal:cacheLevel=PAGE...".