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How to configure NeoLoad to recognize special characters in dynamic parameters?

My script had a dynamic SessionID. I added it into the 'Variable extractor', but when clicked 'Search and replace' to let NeoLoad handle it automatically, I only got message 'This search did not yield any results. Verify your search parameters'. Later on I had to manually replace all following values. This is the value of SessionID: 'x-aZQZ6lmNi4fyo8gKcKfdywsgpBsGsdClnNoaR9fSMYgwGNAOSy!1913026119'. I'm suspecting NeoLoad couldn't recognize the special character '-' and wondering is there any way to configure?

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I do not think that the "-" sign is why the search did not find anything. It's not really a special character. I'm wondering if your "SessionID" is a cookie value?

In that case it may explain why the search did not find anything. Normally if that cookie comes from the server you do not have to manually handle it since NeoLoad will automatically manage it. Did you see an issue about NeoLoad managing it?