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Still new in software testing

I am doing mobile testing, I am interested in automating mobile performance.
I am currently doing manual testing and have not done automation. Is it possible for you guys to guide me with navigating the application and be able to do performance testing on mobile apps.

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Linda Zondi

Linda Z.
Linda Z.

Linda Z.

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Dear Linda,

If your concern is to perform load testing to ensure that the servers of your mobile application can handle the load, then read this guide about mobile load testing: http://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/neoload/latest/en/html/#4438.htm (It assumes you're familiar with Load Testing, if not, you can go through the other guides first).

If your concern is about checking some performance goals from an end user perspective on the device while the server is loaded, then you can read "Java & Jamo Solutions M-eux Test Integration Guide" or "Selenium Integration Guide".