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How to compare Test results from 2 distinct projets

We have 2 Neo load project for 2 maintenance version of our software.
We would like to compare résults of the 2 différent projets ...
We tried to import the second project in the first ... it merge all except results
How to do ?

bruno B.
bruno B.

bruno B.

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It's quite simple to do that. You just need to copy your test result folder  from project A inside the results folder of the project B.

To locate the right test result folder go the Results section and open the Result manager. Select your test result and hit the "Test folder" button. Your file explorer will be opened inside that test result folder.

So copy the entire result_<uuid> folder into your other project folder under <project_folder>\results folder.

Open your project B and you should now see the result from project A. The main point is that there's no link between a project and a test result. So you can open them in any NeoLoad project.

If you look at the screen shot attached this is a list of some test results folders.

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