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Jenkins - WARNING! The option -SLAJUnitResults is deprecated, use -SLAJUnitReport instead

My Jenkins build mark the following error after a Neoload 7.4 test run : WARNING! The option -SLAJUnitResults is deprecated, use -SLAJUnitReport instead

It seems that the SLAJUNITResults parameter is handled by the neoload plugin.
-> Is it possible to force the parameter ?
-> Is the plugin out of date (2.2.6) ?

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Patricia B.

Patricia B.

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This is not an error but a warning. That means that the old command may not work in a future NeoLoad version and we recommand to use the new option instead.

Along with that new option the format of the Junit report is a little bit different. This is hat the NeoLoad  release notes mentions:

New JUnit Report Format – NeoLoad can generate a JUnit report for the SLA results for command line tests. When using ‘-SLAJUnitResults’ the old format is kept for backward compatibility. When using ‘-SLAJunitReport’, the XML grammar has been fixed to be compatible with more tools handling JUnit format and the way JUnit tests are named and structured is more actionable.

It's up to you to keep the old option or not. The Jenkins plugin has not been updated yet with the new option.

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