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I have a scenario.
I have a user that opens a file waits 20 minutes then sends it off.
But I want to make it so that one user opens a file every 5 minutes and closes each file after 20 minutes (respectively). Is there a way of doing this with the timing built into neoload? Or do I have to manually create the scripts using Java ?

Daniel L.
Daniel L.

Daniel L.

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The answer of your query depends on how your application works. If a real user opens your files every 5 minutes, how could he close each of them after 20 minutes? Is it by selecting them somewhere in the application or by indicating a specific ID somewhere?

You see as soon as you understand how a real user can do that, you should be able to simulate it with NeoLoad maybe with a loop or just by adding some transactions like with the real user.

Does it make sense to you?

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