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shared queue issue


I have created a shared queue from which the values will be consumed as well as added.
I have two scripts script 1. Add the value to .csv file (shared queue) script 2. Consumes value from the .csv file. Both script share same shared queue

After running script 1(20 times)When I open the .csv file I cannot see any values in the file.(I need the total count in the .csv file).

But when I run script 2. I can values consumed from the .csv file However I cannot see nay values in the .csv file.

Please help


Rohan S.
Rohan S.

Rohan S.

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I was able to reproduce the issue in NeoLoad 5.0.xx. It seems to be a regression since 5.0.

In 4.2 the values are correctly saved in the swap file. I will open a bug for that issue.

Anyway, the use of a swap file is not mandatory. All the values that are added to the shared queue are in memory. That's why even if you cannot see them in the CSV file they can be consumed by the virtual users.

So i guess you should still be able to use the shared queue but not to use the functionality to keep the values (if any) at the end of the test on the swap file.