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How to create shared queue? Can you provide additional information?

I have read the description given on the neoload documentation about the shared queue, but still I want clear cut information of it like how to create it and mechanism by which it works using variable modifier and also using JScript. Kindly share video file if any for better clarification of how it works?

I do not have a video to clarify the usage of shared queue but i guess i can provide some insight that may help you.

First of all, you need to create a shared queue variable from the Variable manager. The default settings are fine so just set a name.

Basically, you need to feed your shared queue during the test. To do so, use a variable modifier like described in the NeoLoad documentation. For instance, you need to use the "Add value" option with your variable name that will contain the values that you would like to put into your shared queue.

The use of a Javascript is only another way to feed a shared queue so i won't describe it.

One or more user profiles can feed a shared queue. Then you can have one or more user profiles that will consume those values again by using a variable modifier but this time using the "consume" option and another variable to where you would like to store your consumed values.

The goal is to share values from one user profile to others during runtime. This is the only way for virtual users to share the same information.

I hope this is going to help you.

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