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Behavior of variables across cloud servers?

We have login variables that are currently being fed from a csv source. Each login can only be used once. Ideally we'd like to simulate traffic from different parts of the country/world using the cloud load generators. What will the behavior be for reading those variable values? By default will every server try to start at the top of the file or will they communicate to keep each login unique? Is there an easy way to guarantee the behavior we want?

David S.
David S.

David S.

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If you would like to have your login used only once the best would be to configure your login variable as Global, Any and stop the test when it runs out of values.

By using "Any", each load generator will use a subset of your CSV file and manage by themselves that list. Make sure to have enough values compared to the number of logins you will execute.

You could also use "Sequential" instead of "Any" but in that case it will be the controller that will provide values to each load generator when needed.

The former configuratin will use less network bandwidth compared to the latter.