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How to get the time stamp using date variables as per zone?

I need to get the date and time according to zone.
I develop a script as per some time zone and I use current date and time variables in the script which matches the application server's time.
If I use cloud LG and there is difference in application server's time zone and cloud lg time zone, then current date and time variables doesn't work and script fails.
So, Is there an option by which I can parameterize time based on time zones?

Venkata Vijaya S.
Venkata Vijaya S.

Venkata Vijaya S.

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If you know in advanced the difference of hours in your LG's and controller you can add an offset in the date variable. You can use a negative or positive value for the increment value field to adjust the hours.

I assume that all your LG's will be on the same time zone.