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How can I use variable extractor to handle dynamic parameters?

I am new in load testing and your product is very easy to use. I was quickly able to record a scenario but the replay did not work. Looking at your documentation it mentions that we should use the variable extractor feature to handle some parameters. Could you provide me some insight regarding that functionality and why I might need to use it?

When you perform a record of your scenario, Neoload records the requests and responses exchanged between your browser and your web server.

This requests contain some parameters that are valid for that recording. Some parameters are created by the server and change each time the scenario is run.

To be able to simulate this behavior perfectly, the dynamic parameter returned by the server needs to be extracted (usually from a hidden form field or a link) and replaced in the following requests, such as a POST request.

The extraction is done using a variable extractor. Select the request, click on the "Advanced" button, then select "Variable extractor".


For more information, see "Variable Extractors" under "Design" section in Neoload documentation.

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