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I have asked this question before...several months before and the ball was rolling on Neotys side but don't know what happen to it. My name is Lue Xiong. I am the sole user of NeoLoad that we (Silverpop) has. However, the username (which is email adddress) is under my boss...and it is his email address. We would like for Neotys to change his username (ssmith@silverpop.com) to my username (lxiong@us.ibm.com). As you can see, my email address has "ibm" in it. That's because Silverpop got bought by IBM late last year (2014) and now everyone has a new IBM email address. So please change ssmith@silverpop.com to lxiong@us.ibm.com. Also, once it is switched, please give me a temp password so I can change it. Please reply to this request/quetion using lxiong@us.ibm.com. Do not use/reply to ssmith@silverpop.com. Thank you very much.

Lue Xiong

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You should have received an email to activate your customer area account. The password is auto-generated and you can't choose it. However, you can still ask for a new one on the login page if needed.