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Record an Oracle Forms Application scenario with one server and replay against another

Hello, We have an Oracle Fusion Middleware Forms services application for performance test. The basic idea is to save time by recording the scripts against the Dev environment while the performance test environment is being configured, so that once the performance server is up, we plan to run the scripts against it.
Could you please suggest whether this is possible; if yes, whether it is difficult to update the recorded script to point to a different server and if there are any other time-taking complication involved? Also, please suggest whether it is worth to (1)invest time on "record against one server > modify script for replay against another", or to (2) proceed with the simple process of "record and replay against the same server"?
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Sant C.

Sant C.

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I do not have any feedback from people that did such things but knowing Oracle forms, switching from one server to another may involve complications. As you may know Forms protocol is using graphical components.

And so you have to make sure that you will get exactly the same type of panel involves. Plus the HandlerName may be different between your two servers. The HandlerId's will definitively be different but it's expected and normally handled by NeoLoad as soon as the HandlerName are the same.

If you have not done it yet, you could go ahead and try the easy way to only change the script to point to the new server and see how far it can run without errors.

Depending on that result you will know if it's the right way or not.

It would be great to provide feedback if solution (1) is working or not so it can benefit everyone on that community.