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Why do i only see empty_request when i record my Oracle Forms application?

I made all the necessary changes on my Oracle forms to record the transactions. I copied the frmall.jar in the NeoLoad installation folder. And i'm able to record the Oracle forms transactions but i only get empty_request recorded. Why?

In order to record Oracle Forms application with NeoLoad, the Oracle server has to be configured in Servlet mode (ie HTTP mode), the frmall.jar file has to be copied into the NeoLoad installation folder.

NeoLoad identifies the Oracle Forms requests thanks to their content type and HTTP header. Usually, when NeoLoad only identifies empty_request, that means that the HTTP headers of the requests are not matching the regular expression set in the NeoLoad preferences.

In that case, you can apply the procedure below. First check if the HTTP headers of the Oracle requests contain a "Server" HTTP header. If not please follow the procedure below:

Go to menu "Edit-->Preferences-->General Settings tab-->Oracle forms entry".


  •     In the server HTTP header column remove the expression
  •     Add instead a blank line like in the screen shot in attachment.
  •     Save
  •     Try again a new recording

 If you do have a "Server" HTTP header like "Server: My Oracle something" you can use as regexp something like "My Oracle(.*)". The goal is to use a regexp that matches your Server value.

For more information, see "Oracle Forms" section under "Tutorials" in NeoLoad documentation.

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