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How can Neoload detect application changes

I understand that in 5.0 there's a feature to recognize and merge changes in existing requests & response, by running checkVU. But I guess this detects only the changes in existing recorded requests/response.

Is there a way to compare a fresh recording of the same application workflow and detect the following differences as compared to an existing recording

  • new requests/response
  • changes in existing requests/response
  • deleted requests

Sathish J.
Sathish J.

Sathish J.

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As you noticed the goal of this new  5.0 feature is to update recorded requests/responses from the user validation content.

A user validation is based on the script that is currently in your project. So you will have exactly the same requests and only the content could change (except for resources from dynamics pages).

If you would like to compare the content of two requests/responses from two different recordings, you can multi-select them and right mouse click. You will see a new menu to compare them.