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I'm trying to record my mobile application using tunnel mode but no servers are detected

I changed the DNS settings on my mobile with the IP address of my NeoLoad machine like described in the documentation, i navigated into my application but still no servers are detected by NeoLoad.

When you start a recording with tunnel mode, NeoLoad will act as DNS server for your mobile.

In order to detect the servers, the mobile has to perform some DNS resolution so it can be captured by NeoLoad.

If you were not able to detect  any servers, the issue might be that you did not restart your mobile right after switching to the NeoLoad DNS. As a consequence, the mobile can still use the DNS cache and in that case no DNS queries may be sent to NeoLoad.


Another issue could be that NeoLoad was not able to listen on port 53 but when it's the case, your application should not work anymore during the recording.


For more information, see “Recording a mobile application” under “Design” section.

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