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Post recording wizard is not prompting and also no elements in Init, Actions & End container after recording?

Post recording wizard is not prompting after recording in Chrome & Firefox. No elements are shown in Init, Actions & End Container in User path section. Given Internet

& Application proxy as "Auto detect" & "localhost:8090". Initially it was recorded successfully without proxy settings. I've removed tick in "Start Client" option on

recording, I can able to record the application but no elements are shown in Init, Actions & End Container in User path section. I've also uninstalled 6.8 and

installed 6.8 with different license, elements are not captured while recording. I've upgraded 6.9 now, this issue is not resolved for past 3 weeks. I've tried all the

possibilities from previous Q & A, but there's no luck. Please respond at the earliest.

Sakthivel M.
Sakthivel M.

Sakthivel M.

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Your proxy settings do not seem correct. First of all without NeoLoad do you use or need a proxy to reach your application? Check your browser settings to make sure.

If you do not need a proxy then on NeoLoad preferences under Application proxy make sure that you have "none" on the drop down list. If you do have a proxy make sure that it is configured and selected for Applications.

Then start a new recording from NeoLoad with the "Start Client" option checked. When the browser is started you should see the NeoLoad proxy home page. At that time you can check again your browser proxy settings and now you should see "localhost:8090" as proxy which is normal. It's how NeoLoad is going to record your application. If you do not see that then for any reason NeoLoad is not able to automatically change your proxy settings. You can manually modify it to "localhost:8090" (http and https) and continue.

Then enter your URL application, login and while the recording is in progress look at NeoLoad user path to see if any transactions have been recorded.


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