Unanswered question

I'd like to know how to capture an invalid login error and stop a test at that point.

A user has an email address and password for login. Even though the log in fails (incorrect credentials for example), the test continues to run and shows no errors. I'd like to know how to stop the test based on an error such as invalid login and capture that error.



1. Make sure the test raises errors when your login fails: add a validation to the login request. Check the content for an expected content "Welcome .." or raise an error if "Invalid username/password" is detected in the response content.

Click the "Validation..." button at the bottom for the login request to set your validation(s) and all should be clear.

2. You can tell your Virtual User to stop when an error or an assertion (validation) fails. This runtime settings is located on the Virtual User itself. "When an error occurs: ...".