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Can I see in results how long it took for specific tasks to occur? ie. Time for users to login or next page to load

I recorded myself logging into an application and then ran the scenario for 10 users. The resulting graphs show 1) Number of users/errors over time 2) Requests per second and response time. I'd like to see exactly how long it took for the users to logiin, which I think is the time from 0 to the first point where 10 users are plotted on the graph, can you clarify please? I would also like to see how long the next page took to load once login was complete. Thanks.

Barry W.
Barry W.

Barry W.

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In order to get such statistics i would suggest you to create transactions in your user path for each business transaction like login/logout etc...

By doing that, in your test result you wil get statistics per transaction and so you will be able to know how long the login process takes.