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How do I change the Recorded Response without re-recording?

I've recorded a number of virtual users and everything worked fine and all validated correctly.
Our application has now changed slightly and the users still pass validation completely, but some of the responses have changed slightly.
I now want to make the new responses be the recorded responses but I have not found any way of changing the recorded responses.
When I open the Advanced tab of the request both the request and the recorded response are both read only so I cant change them there.

James O.
James O.

James O.

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Currently it's not possible to modify the recorded requests/responses. If you would like to update the responses in order to ease the creation of variable extractor, you can use the "Test" tab in the Variable extractor panel.

The modification is not permanent but you can test your extractor in that panel with a new response from the server copied/pasted from a user validation. The result of the extraction is shown in the "Test" panel instead of "Definition" tab.

Note that the update of requests/responses from a user validation will be an available feature of the next NeoLoad version.