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How to configure Neoload to be able to record traffic on https site?

Our application under test is a secured web application. When we tried to create scripts using Neoload, tool is unable to capture traffic on this application and we receive SSL errors and socket exception during recording. Please see screenshots 1 and 2 in the attachment.

Since Neoload is unable to capture http traffic in proxy and tunnel modes, we tried to manually construct http requests and added all necessary headers and cookies. But while replay we see "java.net.socketException Connection reset" error in Neoload. Please see screenshot 3 in the attachment.

While debugging this issue, we found that Fiddler2 (network sniffing tool) is able to capture and replay requests on this site without any need of additional configuration. As an experiment when we tried to configure Neoload to use Fiddler as a proxy, Neoload is then able to record and replay traffic successfully.

It might be something to do with a difference in how these two tools handle SSL.Since using Fiddler as a proxy in Neoload is not a feasible option going forward, please help us in configuring Neoload to capture network traffic on our application.

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