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Proxy Configuration Failed, What to set proxy to manage recording with use automatic configuration script option?

Due to the company's policy, the company laptop's browser proxy is set to 'use automatic configuration script' option. I can not change the proxy setting in the browser. I record the script and NeoLoad opens the IE browser with ' Proxy Configuration Failed' error screen.
If I key in the application url in browser, I can browse and navigate the application and its screens. But after stopping the recording, no request communication is recorded.
I also tried to set the proxy setting in NeoLoad (Edit->Preferences->proxy) but it does not record any communication.
Please advise and let me know for any further information.

Angad R.
Angad R.

Angad R.

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When you start a recording NeoLoad will automatically try to modify your browser proxy settings to "localhost:8090" which is the NeoLoad proxy and how NeoLoad records the traffic.

In the NeoLoad preferences you need to indicate your PAC URL like in the browser so NeoLoad can use it during the recording.

However if you have some restrictions on your machine and the proxy can't be modified by the user or programmatically (NeoLoad does it this way) then you won't be able to record with NeoLoad.

Maybe you could try with Firefox if you do not have such security restrictions.