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I would like to globally set think time on pages except in one. Is it possible?

Basically, on that specific page, I need to loop it with a think time equal to 0. I don't want to set manually think times on all the pages because of that single page.

In NeoLoad, by default, your virtual user will use the default think time from the pages set during the recordings. They are most of the time not suitable for your test  so it's always better to override it.

But if you override it at the virtual user level and so globally for your script, you don't have the option to set a different think time for a single page.


There's a workaround for that. You could create a NeoLoad variable with List type that will contain two different rows. The first row will be your global think time and the second row will be equal to 0.

Select as change policy “For each virtual user”.


In your script, use your variable at the virtual user level to override your think time for all pages and put before and after your loop a logical action called “Variable modifier”.

In the variable modifier options, indicate the name of your think time variable created above and  set the option to “Modify” the value.


That's it. Your single page under that loop will use a think time equal to 0 whereas the rest of the pages will have the global think time.


For more information, see “Variables” under “Design” section in NeoLoad documentation.


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