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Change Report Pages When Running in No GUI Mode from CMD


I run a weekly performance test and the devs would like to see the request response times.

I know it is possible to select this page and add it when manually generating a report.

The thing is our test runs from an automated batch schedule in no GUI mode and the report generates automatically.

Is there a command that allows me to add the requests page to the report without me having to manually going into Neoload and re-generating the report?

Sean O.
Sean O.

Sean O.

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When you run a test through the command line and use the option to generate a report, the default GUI settings will be used to fill your report.

By default, the page response time is included in a report but not the request response time. In that case, if you add that option "-customReportContents" in your NeoLoad command line, the report content will be based on the last report settings.

So make sure that your last report generated  through the GUI does contain request and that option should add it through the command line too.


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