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How could I record my Windows heavy client with NeoLoad?

My application does exchange data with the server using HTTP protocol  i'm connecting to the application using an heavy client and not from a browser. Is it still possible to record my application transactions with NeoLoad?

There are multiple ways to record your application even if it's not from a browser. The main point is that it is still using HTTP protocol.

If it's a Windows client maybe based on .NET framework, it might use the default proxy set in  IE browser or in the whole system.

You could try a NeoLoad recording launching IE from NeoLoad without really using it. Then launch your application as usual and run some transactions to see if something can be recorded.

The second way could be to use the Tunnel mode recording option in NeoLoad.

In that case, follow the wizard procedure to eventually detect the servers used by your client. If you know the name of your servers, you can create them beforehands in NeoLoad with the right port configuration.


For more information, see “Recording a Test Scenario” under “Design” section.

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