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Class Not Found Exception During Flash Application Recording


While recording one of the scenarios in my applciation, I am getting the following error message in my response which is indicates the request is not processed successfully by the server. The same scenario works perfectly without recording mode.

Caused by: com.carbonfive.flash.ASTranslationException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: flex.messaging.io.ArrayCollection

It iseems that neoload is incorrectly converting the request xml into binary format which is causing this error. I have even tried adding the flex-messaging-core.jar file into adobe flex/flash libraries section under module manager. This jar contains the missing class in it. But still the request is not going through.

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As guideline, i would suggest you to record your application without any JAR files loaded in the NeoLoad preferences. By doing that, NeoLoad won't modify the AMF data during the recording.

That way you will know if it's something that NeoLoad does not handle or just a decoding issue using your own JAR files.

Then if it is working fine without any JAR files, you can load them if it's needed.

If it's not working even without JAR files then i would suggest you to record your script with Fiddler and without NeoLoad and pass that Fiddler output to Neotys support.