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How to record video streaming application scenarios in Neoload with content type application/x-shockwave-flash

Need to performance test a video stream web/mobile application that uses video of content types application/x-shockwave-flash(.swf).
Can you help with steps that we need to perform to record the video loading and playing scenario for load testing.
Need to check if video is playing without any interruption.

Thank in advance for your support.

brijesh B.
brijesh B.

brijesh B.

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If the video is embedded in that .swf file then NeoLoad will download it and it's what the browser will do. Don't you see any other video files when you recorded your script?

If it's Flash technology it might be RTMP protocol that is used (i.e not HTTP protocol). You should check that on your side if it's HTTP or RTMP protocol.